Pre-Orders begin on November 1st 2017 and the initial shipments will be during the first week of January

The Most Accurate

Address Lists Being Sold… Period

Our Mission

SportsAddressLists.Com was started in 1996 to fill a great void for through the mail autograph collectors, and that included me because I have been an autograph collector since 1970. Our mission was, and continues to this very day to include 3 interrelated parts:

  • Address List Quality

    My main goal is that the address lists we produce have to be the highest quality available for collectors. The initial address research is done using only the most reliable search engines, not the free Internet ones like ZabaSearch, WhitePages and others where old, old addresses are kept in their database for years and updating is done very infrequently. We start out researching the most current addresses, confirmed by full names and date of birth and then submitting our address database to companies who update them against a National Change of Address Database three to four times a year to make sure they stay up to date. But this is not a perfect world, and athletes move frequently. That’s why the second part of our mission statement is very important.

  • Ease of Updates:

    When you buy one of our address lists, that’s not where our obligation to you ends. When you receive an RTS envelope, please notify us by email and we will do our best to update that address within 3 business days, the fastest update turnaround time in the industry. Since the time the 2017 address lists began to ship this past January, to the present time, 1,112 invalid addresses were reported to me by my customers for updating and 1.058 were successfully updated which is a 95.1% success rate. That’s not too bad in any league!!!

  • Total Customer Service:

    This is the most important part of our Mission because it affects our company’s greatest asset, our customers. After you purchase an address list, during the year all my customers who have provided me with their email address receive the same periodic email address updates notifying them of any address changes, addresses that are no longer valid and couldn’t be updated yet and players who have died since the address list was published. During the year there are over 1,250 pieces of information sent out to keep our customers informed.

All of this is geared towards making your through the mail autograph collecting as successful as it can be to add all the autographs that you seek to your collection.

"Thanks to Harvey and his lists my collection has doubled within 3 months! 100% accurate addresses and results from a proven leader in the industry! Great customer service and always answers questions and concerns quickly and professionally! You have gained another satisfied customer for life!"

Andrew Vos / Wayne, NJ