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The Most Accurate

Address Lists Being Sold… Period

Our Mission

SportsAddressLists.Com was started in 1996 to fill a great void for through the mail autograph collectors, and that included me because I have been an autograph collector since 1970. Our mission was, and continues to this very day to include 3 interrelated parts:

  • Address List Quality:

    My main goal is that the address lists we produce have to be the highest quality available for collectors. The initial address research is done using only the most reliable search engines, not the free Internet ones like ZabaSearch, WhitePages and others where old, old addresses are kept in their database for years and updating is done very infrequently. We start out researching the most current addresses, confirmed by full names and date of birth and then submitting our address database to companies who update them against a National Change of Address Database three to four times a year to make sure they stay up to date. But this is not a perfect world, and athletes move frequently. That’s why the second part of our mission statement is very important.

  • Ease of Updates:

    When you buy one of our address lists, that’s not where our obligation to you ends. When you receive an RTS envelope, please notify us by email and we will do our best to update that address within 3 business days, the fastest update turnaround time in the industry. Since the time the 2023 address lists began to ship this past January, to the present time, 917 invalid addresses were reported to me by my customers for updating and 911 were successfully updated which is a 99.3% success rate. That’s not too bad in any league!!!

  • Total Customer Service:

    This is the most important part of our Mission because it affects our company’s greatest asset, our customers. During the year of the address list you purchased, all my customers who have provided me with their email address receive the same periodic email address updates notifying them of any address changes, addresses that are no longer valid and couldn’t be updated yet and players who have died since the address list was published. During the year there are over 1,200 pieces of information sent out to keep our customers informed.


"Thanks to Harvey and his lists my collection has doubled within 3 months! 100% accurate addresses and results from a proven leader in the industry! Great customer service and always answers questions and concerns quickly and professionally! You have gained another satisfied customer for life!"

Andrew Vos / Wayne, NJ

"Harvey may not have invented autograph collecting, but he sure has perfected it! He is as passionate about building your collection as you are, and that comes out in the quality, depth and scope of his address lists. I have repeatedly purchased many of them year after year because they yield a personal success rate of over 86 percent returns! My only regret is I didn’t begin using Harvey’s lists earlier!"

Mark C. / Florida

"And I want you to know that I currently have more than 2,000 autographs directly related to your address books. Thank You.​"

Carl Ambrogio / Westport, CT

"I spend too much time and money on autograph collecting not to use the best address lists possible and Harvey’s lists are simply the best. Every year they get bigger and better and his free updates are always much appreciated."

John Haffner / Zionsville, IN

"I have the pleasure of being the recipient of one of the best pieces of autograph collector ammunition there is. Your list continues to improve each and every year. As a baseball historian, and a collector of autographs I must add that I could not handle the regular correspondence and contacting players I do without it. Your list covers more than just the MLB players, and was the first I ever saw with Negro Leaguer and AAGPBL players – giving the fans true access to the full spectrum of the collecting realm of baseball.

I commend you for another fine edition for 2010! I am particularly pleased with how you have separated out the deceased players from the currently living players! And I am intrigued by the Baseball Personalities!

Harvey thank you again.. it is nice to see another fine item on my bookshelf bearing your name!"

Dave Lambert / Stoughton, MA

"Harvey does a great job in not only creating the sports address lists, but also in updating any addresses that are either returned or bad. Harvey is extremely fast in updating bad addresses. The spiral type binding is AWESOME and makes the lists easier to use. The debut year and teams played for are very nice additions when doing research on players to write to. What more can I say? Harvey’s detailed sports address lists have helped me increase my collection on a daily basis. Going to the mailbox is like celebrating Christmas EVERY single day!"

Michael Gearhart / Rockford, IL

"The changes you made for the 2007 lists make it easier to read. I do like the newer spiral-type binding. Most important, as I know quite well, you are very accurate — and always updating your work. You have to be the top person in the US in your field. The Smalling Baseball List used to be the benchmark, maybe ten years ago. I believe anyone who is familiar with address lists and has used any of the Meiselman lists would have to rank yours on top. I admire your first class work. Keep up the good work!"

Jim Sargent / Roanoke, VA

"The best address books around for getting those 'hard to get' autographs that you thought were never possible. Keep up the great work!!!"

Leo Weisman / Wilmington, CA

"I started collecting baseball autographs through the mail in 1995, but after a couple of years, quit because of a lack of accurate addresses. It seemed one out of every three requests I sent out came back with an invalid address. Some nine years later, a friend told me about a guy named Harvey, and swore by the accuracy of his addresses. I was skeptical at first because I hadn’t ever used him, but two years later, am happy to say that over 95% of Harvey’s addresses are accurate, and if they aren’t, he’ll get you an updated one once you notify him. It’s like having your own personal address finder. Buy one of Harvey’s address lists and I guarantee you’ll be hooked. Harvey is like a cable modem compared to dial up."

Dave O / Jacksonville, FL

"How did I collect hockey autographs before I purchased your address lists? I don’t know, but keep up the great work."

Peter Borkowski / Canada

"The best thing about the list is the new ideas for mail requests it gave me. Remember, I have been writing away for 25 years, but I found addresses I could not find anywhere else, on your list, plus names of people that I instantly realized I wanted."

Michael Hecht (UACC Director) / Claremont, CA

"I would highly recommend Harvey’s lists to any sports fan who is a collector. I received my list last year and I have been having a great deal of success with it. Now I enjoy getting my sports cards signed and I would not go to any other place for addresses. This is the best address list I have found."

Len Bytnar / Glenshaw, PA

"Your address lists are the best, Harvey. I’ve added autographs to my collection from players that I thought were deceased a long time ago. But you found them!"

Arnie Berman / Ft. Lauderdale, FL

"You are the best. How do you find all these great addresses?"

Len Bytnar / Glenshaw, PA

"Your lists are the most up to date. I get very few ‘Return To Senders’. Keep up the great work"

BY / Georgia

"Here’s my order for my third different list I bought from you. Each one is great. Don’t stop, they’re the best"

BH / Virginia

"Harvey, you do all the work for autograph collectors except write the letters… thank you, you’re the best"

JR / Florida

"The BEST, that’s the only way to describe your address lists. I look forward to buying your update next year."

AN / Missouri

"What do you do? Stay up 24 hours a day researching addresses? However you do it, thanks."

GS / Arizona

I guess it has been about 15 years since I purchased my first address lists from you. Thru the years I have accumulated over 15,000 autographs from Hall of Famers to cartoonists who included an original drawing.

I get very few "Return to Senders' but when I do I contact you for an updated address.

Your lists add to my continued enjoyment of the hobby.
Thanks for the great job you do.

When I order for 2021 I will be adding the Minor League Ballplayers Address List as I understand they are terrific signers.

Stay well and keep up the good work

Rich Summa / Whitestone, NY

““Harvey, I want to share with you that utilizing your address lists I was able to realize over 2,300 successful autograph requests in the past 12 months.

In addition to the usual Baseball and Football lists I purchased your Golf list for the first time. Golfers proved to be excellent signers. This year I will probably purchase the Hockey list.

I had very few dreaded “Return to Sender” “Unable to Forward” replies this year.

I appreciate the research you do when I am looking for a new address. The speed of your response is much appreciated.

I looking forward to a successful 2022 for both of us””

Rich Summa

I cannot thank you enough for helping me contact baseball players and umpires, as well as baseball executives over the years with your wonderful Baseball Address List.

My book, “Babe’s Place: The Lives of Yankee Stadium,” was a work of love to research and write. By far, my favorite sections of my book are where I contacted these people thanks to your invaluable research at finding their addresses.

Besides great success with these addresses and updates you have provided, I’m also very grateful that you are a very nice friend and a gentleman, who is totally honest.

THANK YOU for making my research so enjoyable and so much easier with your Baseball Address List.

Michael Wagner / Temple TX

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