Pre-Orders begin on November 1st 2017 and the initial shipments will be during the first week of January.


I’ve never bought your lists before. Why do you claim they’re so good?

It’s because of the research that goes into the addresses. I use the best search engine available. It’s used to locate new addresses, as well as updated addresses when one is reported invalid. Addresses for my address lists are tested by a group of collectors around the country that validate as many as possible. Then, before the address lists are printed, my address database is processed with the US Post Office and CanadaPoste, to properly format the address, check postal and zip codes and make sure that the addresses have the highest possible deliverability rating.

Why do your lists seem more expensive than other sports address lists?

There are many reasons why my address lists are a little more expensive than others being sold. The first is the quality of my resources, specifically the search engine used to research the addresses. There is none better than the one I use. Secondly, is the format quality of the finished product. I don’t just take my address lists to a cheap printer and run off some copies that are hard to read. I have my address lists printed professionally and the Baseball, Football and Hockey Lists are coil bound with a back cover and clear plastic cover front to stand up under heavy usage all year long. The other lists are stapled securely in the upper left corner. Finally, is my update policy that every current customer who sends me their email address with their order will receive automatic email updates throughout the year. The updates are sent out four times a year (usually March, June and September) which note new addresses since the list was printed, invalid addresses and deaths. This service is free of charge to my current customers only.

How often do you put out updated address lists?

My updated lists come out every year, in January. Announcements are usually put on the website about a month before, special emails are sent and ads are placed in collectors magazines.

Are your address lists available in electronic format?

Definitely not. Address lists are only available in printed form, which will be mailed to you.

Do you update addresses that are reported to you as undeliverable?

Yes, I do and I pride myself on my ability to keep addresses updated in a timely manner. Continuing into 2023, my update policy will enable all of my customers to benefit. When you purchase a 2023 address list and send me your email address, you will receive a periodic update email with all changes (new addresses, invalid addresses and deaths) that happened since you purchased your list. I will no longer provide updates by mail because of all the wasted time sending out the same updates over and over again to the same core of athletes.

Why do I get returned envelopes a few months after I purchase your list?

The post office reports that 22% of the people in the U.S. move every year. It’s entirely possible for some athletes to move a month after the address list is published. On your envelopes that are addressed to the players, if you put in parenthesis “Address Correction Requested” the post office will send you back the envelope with an updated address if they have one on file.

Why do I get returned envelopes when I mail to players like Sammy Sosa, Mark McGwire and Barry Bonds?

It’s a simple fact of life that every TTM autograph collector has to live with. The bigger the star, the less of a chance that they’re going to accept fan mail, simply because they get so much of it. They either have the post office return obvious fan mail to the sender, or have someone do it for them. Those are the player autographs that you’ll have to get through one of the many auction sites or at a memorabilia show, for a signing fee. The addresses stay on my lists because the addresses are correct, and signing habits do change. The overwhelming majority of athletes will sign autographs through the mail, so concentrate on those players rather than the ones who won’t sign. The best thing you can do is join a message board that lists signing successes and failures, and see what the signing habits are of the player you want to mail to. That will also increase your chances for success. In the address list is a column titled “Tough TTM” and if there is a “Y” in that column it indicates that player has less than a 25% success rate as reported as several collectors forums.

Can I get a few addresses for free to test your lists and make up my mind if I want to buy your lists?

Sorry. My sports address lists are proven to be the best and most accurate address lists being produced since 1996. If you collect through the mail, you need one of my address lists

Address Update Policy for 2023

PEOPLE MOVE… That’s a fact of life. Athletes tend to move more frequently than the average person.

Buying an address list is one thing. But what happens after you purchase your address list and start to get some envelopes returned because the players moved? You need to select the address list that’s been proven through the years to be accurate and comprehensive. The addresses must be kept up to date. Nobody is better at that than I am.

In 2009 I started a new update policy for my customers and from the feedback that I received, was found to be very popular with them and very successful. When you purchase any of the 2023 lists, this policy will continue, and I’m sure that returning customers as well as new customers will find that it will make their mailings easier and save postage mailing to current addresses, rather than old addresses. It’s simple:

When you order one of the 2023 address lists, make sure that you include your email address (either in the envelope if you’re mailing your order or in my shopping cart if you are paying securely online with a credit card). Periodically I will send you an address update email which will list new addresses since you purchased your list, addresses that have become invalid and players who have died also. This way, if you’re thinking about mailing a player and the address changed since the list was printed you’ll have the updated address. These update emails will be sent every few months, usually in March, June and September.

Now, what do you have to do make me aware of an invalid address? Just email me with the player’s name and address that has not worked for you and I’ll research updates. Everyone on my email list will get the updated address. You’ll receive not only the updates that you asked for, but the ones that I’ve found during the year and the ones that other collectors have requested.

This will save me from having to send out the same updated address for an athlete to several collectors, sometimes dozens of collectors during the year. You’ll get the update email periodically during the year and there will be hundreds of updates on it. Sound good to you? Yes, it does to me also and it’s just another way I try to give my customers the most value for the price of their address lists.

I will no longer respond personally to address update requests by mail or those that do not include the address used that didn’t work. All updated addresses will be sent out by email to my customers. This way I can work much more efficiently for you and everybody wins.

And now I have one question for you, the collector, thinking about my address lists: Why not buy one of my sports address lists and start adding interesting autographs to your collection today?

"Thanks to Harvey and his lists my collection has doubled within 3 months! 100% accurate addresses and results from a proven leader in the industry! Great customer service and always answers questions and concerns quickly and professionally! You have gained another satisfied customer for life!"

Andrew Vos / Wayne, NJ