Pre-Orders begin on November 1st 2017 and the initial shipments will be during the first week of January.


Welcome to SportsAddressLists.Com

First, I wanted to thank all of you who ordered address lists during 2017.
I know you were able to add to your collections substantially.

The 2017 address list season is over and we will be re-designing the website during the next 4-5 weeks to showcase the address lists for sale in 2018.

When you return to view the updated website on November 1, 2017 or after, I’ll be presenting the 2018 address lists that you can begin to pre-order immediately.

The initial shipment of 2018 address lists will be the first week in January 2018.
Please note: They will not be able to be shipped in time for Christmas.

This will be my 23rd year of producing the memorabilia industry’s best and most accurate address lists for collectors.

If you have any questions, please email me at

Best always,

Harvey Meiselman